When a U.S. swimmer sank to the bottom of the pool, her coach jumped in to save her

U.S. artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez was finishing her routine in the solo free final at the World Aquatics Championships

on Wednesday when the two-time Olympian suddenly sank to the bottom of the pool, unconscious.

Team USA coach Andrea Fuentes immediately took action, diving into the water. Fuentes

who won Olympic and world medals for her native Spain — sprinted to reach Alvarez,

hugged her from behind and kicked off of the pool floor, sending them toward the surface.

"I saw that the lifeguards were not jumping into the water because they were paralyzed.

I was shouting at them from the other side to get into the water,

now! I saw them looking dumbfounded, so I jumped into the water and straight towards her,

Fuentes said according to El Pais, citing an interview with a Spanish radio station.