What Jalen Duren brings to the Detroit Piston

Rarely do you see someone reclassify up in high school and dominate the college game physically.

Yet, there was Jalen Duren last season, a shade over 18 years old, manhandling anyone and everyone.

It would’ve been preposterous if he’d played another year of high school basketball.

Hell, he was a man among boys, while playing other men.

This has always been one of the great conundrums when evaluating Duren’s potential as an NBA prospect.

He’s looked physically ready for the league since he was about, oh, 15 or so.

But like all other physical specimens, he was relegated to playing among his own age for a time.

But now Duren, who doesn’t turn 19 until November,

is off to Detroit Pistons in a league he’s belonged in for a long time. He was selected 13th.