What is Volumetrics Diet? Best Diet help in Weight Loss

Pioneered by Penn State University nutrition professor Barbara Rolls, volumetrics is more of an approach to eating than it is a structured diet. 

With "The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet" book as your guide, you'll learn to decipher a food's energy density, 

cut the energy density of your meals and make choices that fight hunger. 

Food is divided into four groups. Category one (very low-density) includes nonstarchy fruits and vegetables, nonfat milk and broth-based soup. 

Category two (low-density) includes starchy fruits and veggies, grains, breakfast cereal, low-fat meat, legumes and low-fat mixed dishes like chili and spaghetti. 

Category three (medium-density) includes meat, cheese, pizza, french fries, salad dressing, bread, pretzels, ice cream and cake. 

And category four (high-density) includes crackers, chips, chocolate candies, cookies, nuts, butter and oil. 

You'll go heavy on categories one and two, watch your portion sizes with category three, and keep category four choices to a minimum.