Every NFL franchise's best team of the Super Bowl era: Defending AFC champion Bengals crack all-time list

These teams are truly the best of the best

Every NFL franchise has one team that set the standard for excellence.

And while some franchises have been more fortunate than others,

each franchise can point to at least one team from its past that stood out from the rest. 

Even the Browns, a team that has never appeared in a Super Bowl,

can point to a team from its semi-recent 

past that can serve as the example for future teams to follow.

With the start of the 2022 season just around the corner, 

we decided to name each franchise's best team since the start of the Super Bowl era.

To create this list, we looked at the following criteria when making our selections.

Average margin of victory during the regular season

Offensive and defensive rankings, specifically as it relates to scoring

How far the team advanced in the postseason 

Using this criteria, we were able to identify each franchise's greatest team since the start of the 1966 season.