Stars QB Case Cookus suffers leg injury during USFL Championship Game, days before his wedding

Cookus may have to limit himself on the dance floor

Case Cookus become caught checking his enamel after  

sustaining successful all through Sunday's  Championship Game.

When requested about it, the Philadelphia Stars quarterback

stated, "I've got my wedding arising in multiple days; failed to want my fiancee to kill me." 

Cookus' enamel remained intact in the course of the game,

but sadly for Cookus, his group and his bride to be, he was now not

now not able to go away the sport unscathed. 

With the Stars leading the Birmingham Stallions with eight:25 remaining,

Cookus became carted off the sphere after being sacked through 

protective end Dondrea Tillman. Cookus then had to observe

as the Stars fell at the back of and ended up on the

the incorrect cease of a 33-30 very last score. 

Initially stated as a knee injury, Cookus honestly suffered a damaged bone in his leg.

The harm took place 11 days before his wedding ceremony, which is ready to take place on July 14.