Greg Sankey puffs chest touting SEC's strength as 'super league' dynamic reshapes college football

Sankey is clearly confident in the SEC's position going forward

ATLANTA -- Greg Sankey spent a large part of his 2022 SEC Media

Days state of the union address flexing. You probably didn't notice.

It wasn't obvious to the naked eye because the SEC commissioner

can be as subtle as a matching silk scarf, as vague as the rules of frisbee golf.

"There are likely others who would comment on that," Sankey

told CBS Sports when asked whether his conference and 

the Big Ten have separated themselves from the rest of college football.

That's really what the game must consider most these days.

 It's not a formal separation of the SEC and Big

Ten from everyone else, but it might as well be.

The emergence of a Power Two from what used 

 to be the Power Five is happening before our eyes. It

commenced in earnest a year ago this week when word leaked at