NFL teams that helped their QB the most and least in 2022: Bengals, Ravens take opposite paths

These teams may additionally have already sealed their QB's destiny for the 2022 season

Football is a crew game. No one knows that better than Matthew

Stafford who enjoyed a career resurgence in 2021, his first season  

 with the Rams after spending his first dozen NFL seasons with the Lions.

Stafford's first season in Los Angeles -- which ended with him prevailing

his first Super Bowl -- proved that a quarterback is only as accurate as his assisting solid. 

NFL teams recognize the importance of surrounding their

Some groups made concerted their quarterback having a large 2022. 

Other teams, however, without a doubt did no longer do sufficient to help increase their quarterback.

With the 2022 season simply around the corner, here is a take a look at the

three teams that did -- and 3 that did not -- do at some stage in the offseason. 

Last offseason, the Bengals helped Joe Burrow by means 

of drafting his former college teammate, Ja'Marr Chase.

They additionally introduced in 3 new spherical pick out Jackson Carman.