NFL insider notes: Why Kyler Murray's extension shouldn't impact Lamar Jackson, plus more QB decisions looming

Expect masses extra quarterback news before Week 1 Kyler Murray is the cutting-edge NFL quarterback to 

receives a commission, agreeing to a contract with the Arizona Cardinals that has a reported  common annual cost

of $46.1 million He's now the second one-highest paid QB in the NFL in phrases of AAV, however as we

 anticipate the exact info of the agreement, we understand it really is not the whole lot The 5-yr, $230.5 million deal is the first huge 

quarterback deal due to the fact Deshaun Watson's $230 million absolutely guaranteed deal, however Murray's isn't always fully assured.

The seachange many that represent players had been hoping for has no longer taken region Said one character 

close quarterback expected to get his massive agreement in the next 365 days: "Deshaun opened the door. Don't let the owners close it 

lower back." Watson's deal become historic for plenty reasons. Until his cope with the Browns, only Kirk Cousins had visible a

totally assured deal at the quarterback role. Of route, NFL group proprietors would love to disregard those offers.

Part of the problem is the league's so-referred to as "funding rule" that calls for team proprietors to place

into escrow the identical sum of money they're making certain a participant. This rule has been in region