NBA free agency 2022: What we learned during wild first weekend, from Kevin Durant's journey to Lakers' dreams

With loose organisation slowing down (for now), it 

is a terrific time to reflect on what we've seen

All proper, take a deep breath. The 2022 edition of NBA loose

organisation started with the everyday flurry of actions that were somehow

finalized in the first 30 seconds of the negotiation window,

however matters have in the end slowed down, giving us time to mirror on

all of the motion, surprises, and Oscar-worthy Brian Windhorst memes.

Each free-business enterprise length is exceptional, as on occasion

superstars make shocking selections to exchange groups, and different times

we are left waiting and thinking while key decisions are left until the 

dog days of July -- or later. This time around, there may be one vital call  

every person is ready to look pass (psst, it rhymes with Devin Kurant), 

and as soon as that occurs it will really activate a series response

 as a way to shape the league for the 2022-23 season.