Steelers rookie Kenny Pickett shares why he wears gloves on both hands

Pickett made the change at some of his sophomore season at Pitt

Kenny Pickett's arms received lots of attention leading    the 2022 NFL Draft.

Along with questions concerning his hand selection

to put on gloves on both his throwing and non-throwing

hand has raised eyebrows, as maximum quarterbacks

opt to pass with out a glove on their throwing hand.

The Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback recently shared

the purpose why he wears gloves on each hands throughout games.

Panthers hosted North Carolina on a cold November night time.

"I did it as soon as my sophomore yr, however sincerely after that North

Carolina recreation you known as, I caught with it after that game

Coach (Mark) Whipple became like, 'You recognise, it would not should be cold to rock the gloves.'

So I've worn them considering the fact that then on out. .

It's simply kind of some thing that I enjoy and I just sense extra cushty with it.