Joey Chestnut regrets putting protestor in chokehold at Hot Dog Eating Contest: 'I wish that it didn't happen'

Chestnut admitted that his takedown of an animal rights protestor looked excessive

Joey Chestnut's modern day victory inside the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating

 Contest on July four can also thoroughly have been his most convoluted yet.

The famed competitive eater managed to win the contest

for the 15th time no matter being on crutches -- and regardless

of being interrupted inside the middle of the event by means of a protestor.

During the new canine ingesting contest, Chestnut's 

overall performance became in short disturbed while an animal rights 

protestor in a Darth stormed the degree, retaining up an "Expose

Smithfield's Deathstar" sign before being put in  

a chokehold and taken down by using Chestnut himself.

Although the moment speedy went viral, Chestnut expressed

in an interview with USA Today on Tuesday that he regretted

his actions and felt he may have overreacted.