2022 Fantasy Football Busts: Najee Harris and Davante Adams will not live up to expectations

Ten busts to keep away from in 2022 Fantasy Football drafts

Compiling a bust listing for Fantasy Football ought to be at least 

a bit bit of torture for a Fantasy analyst. Sure, you can pick

to put the very best drafted quarterback at the list (I did),

and you may even break out with multiple mid-spherical

veterans who are obvious regression applicants (I did that too),

but at the heart of every bust column there should be at the

least more than one superstars who you have to guess in opposition to. 

And that should be uncomfortable. Those superstars, for me,

are Najee Harris and Davante Adams in 2022. And it is very uncomfortable.

Harris was one in every of most effective 3 jogging backs

within the NFL to score three hundred PPR Fantasy points in 2022,

and he did it as a rookie. Adams has finished first or 2d at wide

receiver every of the beyond two primary in line with-recreation in 2018.