College football realignment news: Notre Dame on deck; Pac-12, Big 12 could merge; SEC vs. Big Ten playoff?

Realignment may cool off for the holiday, but it's about to pick up again any day now

The shock is wearing off ... right? Or maybe Trojans  Bruins preparing 

for Big Noon games (9 a.m. PT!) is still going to take some getting used to.

Fourth of July weekend is upon us, so we're going to assume realignment

is taking a couple of days off. We need it. USC and UCLA need it.

They need the time to buy parkas, hire tutors for five-hour plane rides and develop a taste for cheese curds.

Such is the lingering impact of the two West Coast icons headed to the Big Ten.

Notre Dame is a talking point until it decided it's not.

ts ongoing dance with conference membership goes back nearly a century.

The Pac-12 is already on record as aggressively pursuing expansion. 

The Big 12 hasn't revealed a plan, if there it has one.

It could stay at the 12 ready to go in 2025, or as industry insiders are suggesting, pick 

many Pac-12 schools as is financially wise and possibly send the Pac-12 to the dustbin of history.

Then there is the ACC, which until further notice, is  increasingly vulnerable. 

If all of it sounds ruthless, we should be used to it by now. The shock should be wearing off ... right?